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​A burning desire to live life, the relentlessness to succeed, A passion to mirror back the light and to be a vessel for Christ is some of the attributes that make up Steve Isaza A.K.A Izzy, Who is this young man you ask? Well allow me to reintroduce me,myself and I (if I cover all three guess I wont be speaking in the third person perspective) this must be the Schizoaffective side of me. My birthday is 10/18/1988 the best are truly born in October, This Mr. October  is down to earth but at the same time a space cadet these are two different characteristic traits that are bipolar opposites that's why I say that I'm a million different people from one day to the next,I cant change that I've tired. Is this was a mental illness is when you can't pick what side of you to be because you don't want another part of you to die. Granted I fall short of perfection but I love it this is who I am and if not I willing choose to hate myself (what torture); I'm trying to be a regular person but I know I'm different that must be the Indigo side of me that feels the universe and since the world is in the universe earth is part of the universe (F.Y.I  N.A.S.A) its a inside joke. So I feel energy and I handle it pretty well and I started thinking about it, If can feel peoples energy can they feel mine or better yet my birth planet earth or the rest of the universe then I started to overthink it, what side of me is feeling it my mind,body or soul speaking metaphysics yet other inside joke.

I've been threw spiritual emergency's that have lead me to spiritual awakening's for as long as I can remember, It takes a toll on your out look on life (not your sanity per-say). I would like to think I have a-lot of understanding of the world and the mechanics of it , I'm 28 years old at the moment and still have a-lot to learn G.O.D and CHIRST willing.


 Yours truly                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Steve Isaza

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